Books to make you the hero of your story.

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The hero of your story is you. And you will inspire us all. Here’s one way how:

Books to make you the hero of your story. These are the books I write. They are the stories of new beginnings and second chances.

Life is unpredictable. Living it, we take a remarkable journey of joys and sorrows. But sometimes, as the years go by, we are not so sure if we are learning and growing as much as we would like. We wonder if we are making a useful difference in the world.
In any case, the hero of your story is you.

You want to go beyond surviving life’s challenges to thrive, right? I know I do. Because to thrive, with compassion, wisdom, and generosity, is how we will make a useful difference in the world.

Like me, you know adversity and embrace hope. You value resilience and personal transformation. Yet sometimes the path toward positive change is hard to see. It is for you I write—for you who wants a story mirroring real life and, as a means toward finding that path forward… includes a wee bit of persuasive magic—the existential mysteries of life that spur us into second chances and new beginnings.

Let’s work together.

I write stories that don’t shy away from the darker nature of our human experience and shed light on the paths toward being one’s best self… despite, if not because of, our challenges.
You read the stories I write, and then find your unique way to inspire us all.

To learn more about how my books will inspire you, check out reviews here.


Sherry denBoer

As an author, creating a connection with readers is paramount. I write fiction with three key elements: trauma/tragedy, hope, and transformation.

I have published one novel and am in the editing stages of my second novel. I love what I do. When I am writing and creating stories, I am more myself than ever.

I have two published composition notebooks, both themed to complement my novel REASONS three lives, one soul. The notebooks come with beautiful graphics, including the interior, and inspiring phrases every fifth page. The phrases come straight from the wise characters found in the novel.

As a journal and notebook user, I know how good it feels to get my thoughts down on paper. Whether we use notebooks for note taking, essay writing, lyric writing, dream catching, poetry, ideas, gratitude, or just getting our thoughts organized, they are truly satisfying, are they not? Cheers.

Connecting with you, the book lovers who know a book (fiction or non-fiction) can change you for the better, is my quest. Sharing stories that might help another soul wandering this beautiful planet hurtling through space and tracing its orbit… is awe-inspiring to me.

We can make our own second chances and new beginnings. I try to convey this truth through my books, this website, and the blog within it. If you have a minute or two, look around. I would love to know what you think.
You can leave a comment below any of the blog posts.
You can reach out to me at
And if you buy my books, your opinion matters, so tell me what you think by leaving a review on my Amazon page.

A bit about me.

Many of us are aware of the connection between reading and writing in education, and how being a voracious reader can help a student to become an effective writer.

Sherry denBoer Author

Reviews of Reasons

It is everything you want
in a novel.

Available on Amazon!

Would you relive a painful past if it meant you could alter your future?
A standalone literary novel, REASONS Three Lives One Soul is a stirring portrait of the powerful clash between the light and shadow within us.

Novel by Sherry denBoer Author

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