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Would you relive a painful past if it meant you could alter your future?
A standalone literary novel, REASONS is a stirring portrait of the powerful clash between the light and shadow within us.

You’ve got this…

Life is unpredictable—taking us on a remarkable journey.

Sometimes, as the years go by, some of us aren’t so sure if we’re learning and growing as much as we’d like. And, maybe more notably, we wonder if we’re making a useful difference in the world.

In Sherry’s novels, she writes about tragedy, hope, and personal transformation. She mirrors real life with its uncertainty, failures, triumphs, and discoveries—while including a wee bit of magic. It’s not the magic of wizards and witches and such, but the existential mysteries of life that, while defying explanation, spur us forward into second chances and new beginnings.

Sherry’s stories can show us the difference between solely surviving life’s challenges… and thriving. And to thrive… with compassion, wisdom, and generosity… is a way to make a useful difference in the world.

Sherry’s novels can inspire us all.

A bit about me.

Many of us are aware of the connection between reading and writing in education, and how being a voracious reader can help a student to become an effective writer.

Review of Reasons

It is everything you want
in a novel.

Enjoy having your creative work critiqued.

To enjoy having your creative work critiqued might sound like an impossible assignment, but, in my experience, releasing the dislike or fear is about mindset. As I’ve mentioned in an earlier blog post, the value of creating relationships with critique partners, I remember the jitters that came when first handing off a manuscript for critique….

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When Friends or Family Let Us Down

When friends or family let us down, it hurts. It just does. And there’s no way around the associated pain. It sucks. When friends or family let me down, I can feel isolated, alone… and maybe even feel as if I’m not important to them. Some say to not have any expectations or to lower…

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Who are you without the words: I, me, you, mine, ours?

Who are you without the words: I, me, you, mine, ours? This is a writing exercise I heard about while attending an online summit during the height of the pandemic. I put it in my back pocket. Until now. Here’s my attempt at the exercise, and what I learned: Each morning, the day pulls. It…

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I’m published! What now?

I’m published! What now? Time to just sit back and relax, right? Pardon me while I chuckle… An author’s work doesn’t end when the book goes live—not if she wants her book to be noticed. Without marketing the new release, it’s just lost in a sea of books; an enormous sea. So, off goes the…

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Create the relationships that work for you

Twenty years ago, my health declined. Skip ahead, and ten years later symptoms had worsened into a disability. I don’t talk about this much because I live my life dealing with my symptoms every day—that’s enough. However, now it seems appropriate to talk a bit about some symptoms that have changed my relationship with words….

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How do we find time to write?

Like so many things we enjoy doing, writing can fade into the background of our busy lives. How do we find time to write? In this post, I’ll share what’s helped me. An important first step is to ask ourselves why we write—taking our time to answer; going deep. A key second step is to take stock of…

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