A story in every Thing

A bit about me…

At some point in time, many of us become aware of the connection between reading and writing in education, and how being a voracious reader can help a student to become an effective writer. But outside of our schooling, how many of us continue to make this connection for ourselves?

Making the connection between reading and writing, especially for those of us who love to write, is a remarkably advantageous discovery… and one that can change how we read.

Most of us who love to read, do so from the perspective of a reader. But for some of us who start to write with any sort of serious intention, there’s a shift that occurs. Sooner than later, we begin to read as a writer.
This was my experience. And as a result, the connection between reading and writing continues to be valuable and rewarding.

Reading has an enormous influence on my writing. As an author, reading is my experience. It’s the thing that helped me to develop my writing voice.

Knowing this connection as I do, and benefiting from it as I have, I’m profoundly grateful that my mother introduced me to the magic of a library when I was a young girl. My love affair with reading began when I was about five-years-old, and I continue to be an avid reader to this day.
Now, back to you. If you enjoy reading, then we already have a pretty amazing hobby in common.

And, if your reading interests also include works of fiction, then even better… because I’ve written a book.

Now that you know that… it seems pretty obvious that this website is where I’ll promote my books. But, it’s also a place where I’ll share my thoughts about reading and writing, and many other connections. So, yes, you’ll find information about my books here and little bits about my everyday life. I’ll offer a little more now, and then continue in the days ahead, in my blog.

So, how did I come to be a writer?

Well, sometimes life will set us on a course that we once thought impossible, or that we may have never imagined for ourselves. And often, it’s the most difficult of our life experiences that can suddenly send us heart-first into a wondrous adventure.
The change that flipped my world upside down was the arrival of a chronic health condition, a condition that ails me to this day.

There's a story in every thing.

But from within the seemingly impenetrable darkness of my new way of being emerged a revitalizing gift: Time in which to cultivate awareness.

And in this awareness, I began to see myself in a whole new light… reassessing my values and setting new goals based on these values. During this illuminating process, I discovered a new purpose, and a new way to be of service.

I became a writer. And I wrote REASONS Three Lives One Soul, a story of perseverance and hope.

While REASONS sheds light on the effects of an unhealthy relationship, in my own life I’ve been in a wonderful relationship for going on thirty years. I’ve been very happily married to my partner Robert for over two decades,

I’m also a survivor of past intimate-partner domestic abuse. REASONS Three Lives One Soul is the result of that experience. It’s the story I wanted to tell.

And although the story does draw from my experience as a young woman, it is a work of fiction. But more importantly, it’s a story of hope. Okay. There you have it. A bit about me. And one more thing… I’ve got the writing bug, and more stories to tell!

There’s a story in every Thing.