A little history

As an avid reader, Sherry’s love for books started at the early age of five. Back then, the library was a magical place, and an armful of books was like bringing her best friends to her home for a prolonged sleepover. Sherry’s love for books never faltered; her dream to author a novel was her constant companion. Today, Sherry reads fiction and non-fiction, and always has a stack of books waiting for her… while she works on her current work of fiction and a non-fiction book.

Sherry was born in Galt, Ontario, Canada.

The youngest of four children, at seven, her family moved to Burlington, Ontario, where she spent her teenage years. Out on her own by seventeen, life was no picnic. As her debut novel, REASONS Three Lives One Soul is a creation formed out of the challenges Sherry faced as a young woman; and further enhanced by the lessons she learned. Although the story draws from Sherry’s life experience, it is a work of fiction.
In her early twenties…

Sherry completed post-secondary education in sales and marketing. For years, she enjoyed her work as a Project Manager in both the Exhibit and Signage industries. And for twelve years, she was a partner with her husband in a sign manufacturing company.
Sherry has fond memories of her role as a business owner—but life soon saw her venture onto an alternative career path. She currently lives in Peterborough, Ontario, with her husband Robert, where she continues to pursue her writing career.


The horse head at my childhood home
in Galt, Ontario, Canada.
It’s still there!